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Direct Cremation (sometimes called simple cremation) is a cremation with no ceremony at the crematorium. After the cremation, the ashes are either returned to you to be kept, scattered or buried depending on your wishes - or scattered at the crematorium.


You can still have a farewell ceremony and celebration with the coffin present at another venue, before the direct cremation. For more ideas, see the example estimates in our price lists. 

Some reasons why people choose direct cremation:

  • You've been told not to spend too much money or make a fuss!

  • You'd prefer the ceremony or celebration to be in a special or beautiful venue rather than the crematorium (see our 'Venue ideas' page for more info)

  • You want to say your goodbye after the cremation has taken place

  • You simply want to scatter or bury the ashes

  • You need more flexibility over timing, so everyone can gather together later

  • You don’t want a ceremony

  • You've been asked to give the money saved to the hospice or a charity

  • You'd like something more personal than a traditional cremation

  • You want to avoid having something funereal

  • You'd like to hold a longer ceremony than would normally be allowed in a crematorium chapel

Next steps

We can meet you in person at home or at Applefield Cottage - or if you prefer we can arrange everything over the phone and by email. 

Confirmation in writing

After we've discussed and agreed everything together we'll confirm it all in writing, so you're in control of how your money is being spent, you understand what we're doing and by when.

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