Fee from £1,000


Although there is no formal funeral ceremony at the crematorium with a direct cremation, we can still meet you and family and friends beforehand, either in the grounds of the crematorium or elsewhere, for a simple farewell gathering to say goodbye to your loved one.

After the cremation, the ashes are either returned to you or scattered at the crematorium.

Reasons why some people choose a simple direct cremation with a farewell gathering:

  • You would have planned to hold a ceremony but current restrictions mean not everyone is allowed to come

  • You've been told not to spend too much money or make a fuss!

  • You plan to say a fuller goodbye later on

  • You simply want to scatter or bury the ashes

Next steps

We can meet you in person at home or at Applefield Cottage - or if you prefer we can arrange everything over the phone and by email. 

Confirmation in writing

After we've discussed everything we'll confirm it in writing so you're clear about timings, costs and arrangements - before you decide.