Whatever sort of funeral you are considering - large, small, simple, flamboyant, traditional or alternative - we're here to help make it special.

There are two main aspects to organising a funeral: 
1) the logistics of moving and then caring for a loved one following their death and
2) organising the ceremony and celebration.

Here's an initial list of things to think about:


  • Cremation or burial

  • DIY funeral

  • Choice of coffin

  • Choice of ashes casket for a cremation

  • Choice of burial plot memorial

  • Transport

  • Carrying the coffin


Ceremony / celebration

  • Venues

  • People

  • Rituals

  • Celebrations

  • Readings and eulogy

  • Who will lead the ceremony

  • Photos, pictures, videos, live broadcasting, recordings

  • Printed order of service

  • Keepsakes and gestures

  • Flowers and other tributes

  • Music

  • Performers