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Bespoke funeral

Fee from £1,900


All my cremation and burial ceremonies and celebrations of life are personal in every detail - simple, contemporary, traditional or elaborate.


I've helped families celebrate not only their relationships but also the interests and passions of their loved ones too... from trains, planes and automobiles to sports and pastimes, their love of animals and the natural and spiritual world…


I’ve helped to hold goodbye ceremonies at many special places - in gardens at home, in fields and on farms, in rural barns, on harbour walls, at sea and by the seaside, in lighthouses, at airfields, at country hotels... as well as more traditional venues such as churches, chapels and crematoriums.


I can also give you ideas and help with organising wakes and ashes ceremonies.

Next steps
I can meet you in person at home or at Applefield Cottage - or if you prefer we can arrange everything over the phone and by email. 
Confirmation in writing
After we've discussed everything I'll confirm it in writing so you're clear about timings, costs and arrangements - before you decide.

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