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Our climate change response

  1. We... measure, calculate and offset all our carbon emissions

  2. use our own solar-generated electricity - which also powers our EV car

  3. enable families to offset the carbon emissions from cremation

  4. work with natural burial grounds who hand-dig graves that are then commemorated with trees

  5. source coffins and urns made from sustainable, natural and biodegradable materials

  6. support local flower farms whose flowers are grown not flown, are sustainable, chemical free and have a low carbon footprint

  7. don’t embalm as the process uses environmentally-harmful chemicals*

How our carbon emmissions are measured, calculated and offset:

Example certificate we give to a family when a cremation has been carbon offset:

Our carbon neutral and carbon offset business certificates:


*the only time there’s a legal requirement to embalm is when someone who has died is being repatriated to or from another country

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